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Arthur P. Sundry, Jr. has built his reputation with straightforward, economically based real estate investments. He invests primarily through BigFin Properties, Inc. for commercial real estate ventures. His companies' strengths lie in their financial and marketing acumen combined with an astute eye for identifying emerging growth areas.

His primary investments since 1990 have been almost entirely in two neighborhoods: Bucktown/ Wicker Park and along the vibrant strip of Madison Street in Forest Park. Art began his real estate career in 1989 as Montauk Investment Corporation, a developer of residential lofthomes and founded BigFin Properties, Inc. in 1997. Montauk completed four residential loft condominium conversions of industrial buildings, creating a total of 70 units.

Prior to returning to Chicagoland to start his own company, Mr. Sundry spent seven years in New York City in the banking industry. Mr. Sundry worked in the Private Banking & Investment Division of Citibank, New York, N.Y., where he managed a loan portfolio to the legal and real estate communities. He began his career at the Chase Manhattan Bank as a credit analyst, having graduated from their ten-month credit-training program. He joined one of Chase's New York City middle markets lending teams where he was responsible for a loan portfolio to manufacturers, importers, and distributors of toys, food, and housewares.

Mr. Sundry holds a Master's Degree in International Management from the American Graduate School of International Management where he graduated with honors in 1982. In 1980, he received a Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration, specializing in economics and finance from the University of South Carolina.

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